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In defense of feminists...

...but not of feminism: I, myself, find it hard to keep in mind that the worst excesses by women that I have encountered during these readings are not representative, that flaws of the average or typical woman do not apply to all women, etc. No wonder then, if a woman of average or sub-average intelligence and education can easily fool herself (or be fooled...) into believing the worst about men, when confronted with anecdotal evidence, doctored statistics, ...

Furthermore, as some feminists have a too idealized view of women, a hypothetical matriarchy, or similar, it is far too easy for a man to lose sight of the many errors of men, when confronted with the many examples of horrid women discussed on some of the linked sites. Both errors are easy to make, highly understandable—and very, very dangerous.

In the end, the question of which of the sexes is more disadvantaged, prone to do evil, good at accomplishing something, is secondary—what matters is the insight that neither gets a free lunch (at least not consistently), that neither is perfectly good or bad, and that policy, ideology, society, whatnot, must reflect this by a strict focus on equal rights, opportunities, responsibilities, and privileges (or lack thereof). The possibly largest failure of feminists is the failure to do just that—instead they insist on cherry picking to the considerable advantage of women.