Michael Eriksson
A Swede in Germany
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Benefits that I gain from writing this website

  1. I am forced to think through my ideas to a higher degree.

  2. I am forced to think harder about myself.

  3. I have the opportunity to look back at older ideas with the light of additional knowledge and understanding at a later time—possibly giving myself a good laugh. Further, surprisingly often, I find that I have actually forgotten old insights that are renewed by re-visiting them.

  4. The act of writing has a tendency to, in it self, spin off new ideas, lead me to read or think about new things, etc.

  5. Writing can often have a therapeutic effect, giving the writer more distance to a subject (in particular, subjects closely relating to himself) and/or more self-insight into his own feelings on that subject.

  6. Obviously, my understanding and abilities where language and writing are concerned are improved.

  7. My need to communicate my opinions is fullfilled (irrespective of the size of the readership).

  8. I have the satisfaction of having at least planted a tree and lit a candle.

  9. I have something tangible (in a metaphorical sense) to show for my sabbatical and other times of non-work.


Many of the above items would have applied even if I kept my writings to myself; however, the extra effort involved in publishing them is not great, so why should I?