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Great weight of this category

If you continue to read the pages of this category, you will likely make the following observations:

  1. I spend disproportionally much time on the topic of women.

  2. I am not very impressed with them.

There are a variety of reasons for this, including, obviously, that I am a man and men tend to have women on their minds more often than, say, the geo-political ramifications of bio-engineering. The main issues, however, are that:

  1. I have had predominantly negative experiences with women, be it girl-friends, colleagues, or any other category. I am, in particular, extremely frustrated with their lack of rationality, their hypocrisy, and their lack of intellectual and emotional maturity—issues that I expand on elsewhere. Beware that I am, myself, highly rational and intellectual; and where other men have to battle the “Men are from Mars; women from Venus” phenomenon, it is only a minor exaggeration to say that I am stuck with “Michael is from Vulcan; men from Mars; women from Venus”. Correspondingly, the problems that the average man has with women are noticeably magnified for me.

  2. In order to understand more of how humans in general (and women in particular) work, I have spent hundreds of hours going through various newsgroups, forums, and online diaries looking for (and finding) insights in this area. This has affected my writings in two ways:

    Firstly, I tend to write about what I come in contact with and about things that give me new ideas; both of which implies a lot of writings on women and relationships.

    Secondly, I have found so many negative examples of women’s behaviour, their lack of understanding for the way men think and the position men are in, their disregarding for fairness in favour of themselves, etc. that I simply have been forced to “abreact” my thoughts on the subject. Thus, a disproportional part of my writings have ended up dealing with women and the deficiencies that are more pre-dominant among them. (I have plenty of other material on human deficiencies in general.)

A particular issue is the one-sided way in which women look upon the natural differences between the sexes: We men may be frustrated and annoyed by them, but most of us at least try to understand and accommodate the female views. Most women appear to be unwilling to even consider the male views, regularly even resorting to condemning them as sickening or amoral. To take a typical example: I have repeatedly seen the female (minority) view that it is “cheating”, “disrespectful”, “sick”, or similar for a man to even fantasize about another woman when he is in a committed relationship—yet, this is perfectly natural to a man. (Further, I am under the impression that many women do so too, which adds a hypocrisy charge.)


In retrospect, with some overlap with the above, I have realized that much of my writings here have been a direct reaction to the ridiculously one-sided, self-serving, and narrow-minded attitudes displayed by many women (in particular, those on relationship forums)—something which has also occasionally influenced the tone of my writings.

Worse, many of the criticisms these women direct at men are not merely unfair or merely showing a blind-spot for the failings of women: They actually often accuse the men of exactly their own weaknesses. For instance, the women on forums who complain the loudest (usually unfairly) about misogynism are almost invariably themselves blatantly misandristic; the women who complain (often unfairly) about a man having behaved immaturely, typically do so when describing events where their own respective behaviour strikes me as immature; etc. The same tendency is present in my observations of women in “real life”; however, it is not nearly as pronounced (and my sample is smaller).

I freely admit that there are women (be it in real life or on message boards) who are both level-headed and fair; however, they do tend to drown in the stream of less exemplary women, and my writings naturally deal mostly with the majority.

Much of the problems that I see with women can be summarized thus: I have no difficulties with a woman who behaves like an adult—and I will treat her like an adult. I can cope with a woman who behaves like a child—as long as she does not object to my treating her like a child, which I will. Most women, however, behave like children and insist on being treated like adults—and here I do have difficulties. (For those who wish to challenge this statement: Please read e.g. my article on maturity first.)


It should be noted, however, that e.g. my readings of forums may have exposed me to non-representative samples—and many of my writings have been made at times of such readings. Certainly, women have a few good sides that have never made natural topics for this website.

On misogyny

Because I have often seen the accusation of misogyny be raised at the drop of a hat on various forums (typically by the same women who themselves spout misandristic statements in every second post), even for something as harmless as claiming that women have no right to expect paid dates from men, a comment on that issue:

Should some of the readers be tempted to dismiss me as a misogynistic product of a patriarchal and anti-feminist up-bringing, which left me with unfounded prejudices and an elitist attitude against women, they will do well to bear in mind that I was raised by my mother and grand-mother, went through a school system that preached equality (even in the sense of “sameness”, and often condemned or ridiculed anyone with an opposing view), grew up surrounded by government-controlled media preaching the same thing, and that my native Sweden is one of most highly feministic countries in the world (and has many adherents of the misandristic Gender_feminismw).

Indeed, my opinions and understanding of women were very severely warped until my mid-twenties, where the observational evidence that what I had been taught was wrong became overwhelming. It has taken years to undo the damage done—but it has been undone.

Whereas I would not necessarily claim that men are “better” than women (or that dolphins are “better” than horses, or that European football is “better” than American), I certainly do see women in a light that is a lot less flattering than they themselves do. In a very appropriate metaphor: The 10 that men were afraid of approaching on Friday night turns out to be a 5 as the sun rises the following morning, her make-up is smeared, her imperfections are no longer hidden by dim lights, and her four-inch heels and push-up bra have been discarded...