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Feminism: Category Contents

This category contains a number of articles on feminism originally written in one single document, as discussed on the Introduction page.

This document was much too unwieldy, having grown far beyond what I had intended, and I decided to split it into smaller documents based on chapter headings. (A side-effect of this is that some of them violate one of my own recommendations on webpages: Not to be trivially short.)

Should you wish to read the articles in the original order, you can just follow the order in the navigation, or use browser functionality taking advantage of “next” and “prev” links.

This is unnecessary, however, because the pages are more or less independent, with only very minor order dependencies (including, possibly, some “above” or “below” references based on the original document, which will be corrected over time). The one exception: I strongly recommend reading What I mean by “feminist” at an early stage, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

If you have come to this page following a reference from another of my articles: Normally, I prefer to link only to article pages; but with the break-up of the original article, it was not always possible to find one single article that was suitable as the new destination.