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Contact information

Note: Any abuse of the below information, as outlined on the page Impressum, is strictly forbidden.

Should you wish to contact me, please use the appropriate email address from the listing below:

TopicAddress (add “@aSwedeInGermany.de”)
My IT consulting businessITBeratung
Feedback to these pagesfeedbackWebsite
Legal issuesimpressum
Private contactsprivate
Unsolicited advertisements, product informations, etc./dev/null

Notes on feedback

I am always interested in and grateful for constructive feedback and opinions. This includes personal anecdotes (whether supportive of my position or not), references to websites with another take on an issue, pro- and contra-arguments ad rem, pointers to errors in my reasoning or facts, etc. Mere agreement or disagreement, in contrast, does not really interest me; and rude messages will be summarily deleted, quite possibly with a blocking of emails from your address as a consequence.

Beware that I reserve the right to re-publish (wholly or in part) or quote from any emails you send me; for instance, to incorporate or discuss feedback given to a particular text in that text. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, your irrevocable consent and release of copyright is assumed. In case of your explicit veto, no direct quoting will occur; however, minor paraphrases of content with no greater original value (e.g. “A reader notes that Lennon was older than McCarthy.” or “... that [some event] has happened to him”) may still be made in anonymous form.


I will, however, not append each and every comment in the manner of the typical blog, but will base an inclusion on whether I feel that the comments bring a benefit to the page in question.

This policy is based on several considerations, including that German law holds websites responsible for all opinions published on them—even if made in a forum or a blog comment. Another is that I wish to keep the website static for the time being, while blog-like comments more-or-less require dynamic generation. A third is that the majority of all comments made are of neglible value.

I do believe, however, that comments and factual discussions can significantly increase the value of an article, and will continually re-evaluate this decision in the light of my experiences with my WordPress blog—where comments are activated.

Per default, quoting of emails in any form will be anonymous to protect the authors; however, name and contact information may be given out upon an explicit request from a third party. Should you prefer to be cited with your name or, reversely, to disallow forwarding of your information, please indicate so.

Note that:

  1. Your information will never be given out to anyone I reasonably suspect of ill intentions, including spamming, irrespective of your consent.

  2. Your anonymity will not be preserved when doing so would constitute a breach of law.

  3. By requesting publishing of your name, you confirm that the name given is actually yours. Further, you take full responsibility for any consequences (legal or otherwise) that ensue, should you have provided a fake name. This includes full reparations of any costs (e.g. legal fees) incurred by me.

  4. I will not publish nick names, partial names, obvious pseudonyms, or similar instead of your given name, unless they are sufficiently publicly well known to justify this (and are associated with you in the public eye); and I will then require proof of identity.

  5. Similarly, for a “famous” and rare name, or a name that occurs in the page commented on, I will require either proof of identity or a clarifying statement that you are a namesake.

If you contact me on separate occasions, please re-state your preferences.

The above applies equally, m.m., for other means of communication than email.