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Annoying interface changes


The below text is something originally published on my blog. It is present here mainly to have a preservation independent of the external blog site. I make no guarantees that it is worthy of reading or that it makes sense out of its original context.

Up till now, I have been able to easily write my texts off-line, and then simply copy-and-paste them into the edit area under “write an entry”. Not so today (2009-07-20): Apparently, this page has been re-vamped to incompently use an inappropriate JavaScript “rich-text” editor—and doing so in a manner incompatible with my Opera version.

Worse yet: As I deactivate JavaScript, in the hope that the copy-and-paste will still work, the entire edit area is gone (presumably, it is generated with DHTML—a dubious decision). Worse yet, after re-activating JavaScript to try again, the page causes my browser to hang, forcing me to kill it on the command line.

I come back with Firefox. Now I pestered with advertizing about numerology—something only an idiot will for in today’s world. Further, I note that menus on the top of the window no longer work, likely through further incompetent JavaScript or CSS programming (I did not investigate which). I go back to “write an entry” by entering my diary, and find that the side-bar menu present there still works—albeit with an inconsistent naming. Normal usability guide-lines and common sense both say that the names of the choice should match, but the less-than-genius designers here have given the same choice the name “write new entry” in the side-bar.

Now I can paste and save; but, to my distress, I discover that my HTML code has been rendered literally! In a last hope that this re-vamping have produced a reasonable option in my diary settings, I go to diary maintainance, uncheck all the check-boxes that appear to relate to the “reach-text” editor, and try again. To my relief, everything now works as originally, and my second entry comes through OK.

Delete the original entry, write and post this entry, and curse human incompetence, and that was that.

Incredible annoying. (And slightly ironic, because this is exactly the kind of incompetence in web development that I intend to critize on this blog, once my extensive writings on the topic are in a better order.)