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Long time, few posts


The below text is something originally published on my blog. It is present here mainly to have a preservation independent of the external blog site. I make no guarantees that it is worthy of reading or that it makes sense out of its original context.

My posts lately have been few and far between. This has several reasons, including my computer dying (cf. a previous entry), my being busy with other things—and a considerable annoyance at the user-unfriendly interface of OD (cf. a number of previous entries).

I have, in fact, strongly considered ditching OD entirely. Instead, I decided to try something new: I have very many short ideas and tidbits lying around, which may or may not grow into real articles, be integrated or combined into articles, lay around forever, or take some other development. Because these tidbits accumulate at a higher rate than I can do something with them, OD might be a good forum to spread them. Notably, they are typically sufficiently short that the useless OD interface will be a non-issue.

Considering that I am behind my original schedule of roughly one OD post a week, I will start off ambitiously and try to add four or five (short) entries a week for now, tapering off to a long-term rate of several a week.