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Annoying interface changes II


The below text is something originally published on my blog. It is present here mainly to have a preservation independent of the external blog site. I make no guarantees that it is worthy of reading or that it makes sense out of its original context.

Unfortunately, it seems that I was somewhat over-optimistic in my previous entry: During a brief visit today, I see that the resulting layout differs considerably from earlier entries, which means that I may have to find further work-arounds in the future.

Frankly, this is an unnecessary extra effort that I do not need at this juncture. I have to repeat my critique over the incompetent re-vamping.

A few notes to my very hastily written previous entry:

  1. Opera is my main browser (which I have configured in detail) to, e.g., not display images and other advertizing heavy types of content per default. Firefox, OTOH, I only use when incompetently programmed websites break in Opera and when testing my own website for compatibility.

    Correspondingly, I am protected from most advertizing when I use Opera, but not when I use Firefox.

  2. The raw texts I use here contain HTML that is automatically generated from my private template language (which I mainly use for my website). Some of the problems likely occured, because OD started to mistreat the HTML in some regard.