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A different blog


The below text is something originally published on my blog. It is present here mainly to have a preservation independent of the external blog site. I make no guarantees that it is worthy of reading or that it makes sense out of its original context.

I have been reading many other blogs and online diaries lately, in order to gain a better understanding of how others think and function.

A very obvious conclusion is that my “open diary” is very different from many others; there is, in particular, no existential crisis, fear of whether this or that member of the opposite sex likes me, no semi-humorous anecdotes, or similar. (With all of two preceding entries, I can obviously make no guarantees for the future. I, too, occasionaly experience these.)

Partly, this is a deliberate decision: On the continuum of vague distinction between diary and blog, I have my eyes set on a blog; and I write it with the original purpose of luring innocent readers to my spider web, ahem, website. Partly, it stems from the way my mind works, what interests I have, etc.: I have always had a yearning for knowledge and understanding (even as a comparatively small child), and the last few years have taken this to an extreme. I find more enjoyment in “mental explorations” of various kinds than I do in e.g. social interactions, which often (certainly not always, do not get me wrong) are shallow, unstimulating, boring, or even annoying.

(This in particular when I talk to women, who often fail to grasp the importance of quality over quantity: If a woman talks non-stop for half an hour without actually saying anything, I will not be interested, I will not bond with her, I will not find her a refreshing entertainment, I will not be tempted to call her to deepen our contact. Quite the contrary, I will be bored to tears, look for any excuse to get out of there, and quite possibly deliberately avoid ever engaging her again.)

To take an example: If I were to see Keira Knightley in the street, I would not be overcome by an urge to brag about it or discuss what clothes she was wearing in a lengthy entry; however, I might be triggered to write some comments on “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Bend it like Beckham”; possibly discussing the idiotic translations used in Germany, where they are known as “Fluch der Karibik” (“Curse of the Caribbean”, used for all three movies) and “Kick it like Beckham” (an untranslated distortion of the original name), respectively.

And now for something completely different...