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Posting frequency


The below text is something originally published on my blog. It is present here mainly to have a preservation independent of the external blog site. I make no guarantees that it is worthy of reading or that it makes sense out of its original context.

Leaving an entry here yesterday, I found that my posting schedule so far has been very irregular. Originally, I set out with idea of writing one entry per week on average. This average has panned out reasonably well (over my short membership period), but with great fluctuations: For a while it looked like it would be an easy two entries a week; until yesterday, I had only one entry in almost three weeks.

The reason for this is two-fold:

Firstly, I tend to go through periods of intense interest in a particular area, which is replaced by an equally intense interest in another area, and so on. During a period of a few weeks, I spent a lot of time reading other peoples entries, including going through some long diaries from first to last. (At the risk of preaching to the choir: This is an excellent way to get more insight into how other people think and feel, what experiences they have made, etc.) Naturally, I was more prone to post during this time—and actually had to keep myself back a little not to post more than I did. Since then I spent a lot of my spare time with marathon sessions in Wikipedia, pre-dominantly WWII articles, and other assorted Internet readings; and then moved on to reading fiction (including e.g. George Eliot’s “The Mill on the Floss” and Jasper Fforde’s “The Well of Lost Plots”). During these phases, blog entries were typically far from my mind.

(The same phenomenon of changing interests also has a noticeable effect on what I write for my website, both in terms of topics and references.)

Secondly, I often have problems finding suitable material to include here: Many of the things that I write for my website are too long to make reasonable blog entries without heavy editing. Those that are short, OTOH, often seem a little trivial or else “wrong” to me; others can give a too incomplete picture standing on their own (without the perspective given by other articles on the same topic); others yet can be a bit too controversial for me to include, considering the comparatively low amount of text on this blog (so far).