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Extreme straw-manning

Making the above note about the expanding definition of pedophilia, it occurred to me that I had read several articles claiming that some MRA groups were under attack by feminists for containing pedophiles, men who want to make sex with children legal, or similar—possibly as a deliberates misrepresentation of websites like http://www.moraloutrage.nete. I am not aware of the details of those attacks, but it does sound reasonable that they follow the same perverted logic of “Raping a five y.o. is statutory rape, and something that only an inhuman monster would do. Having sex with a seventeen y.o. is statutory rape. Ergo: Men who even contemplate having sex with a seventeen y.o. are inhuman monsters, who are bound to rape the next five y.o. they come across.”—a logic so twisted that I am uncertain what is more likely: Lack of reason or a deliberate attempt to build a straw-man by not mentioning crucial details. (See also my discussion of an article on pedophile rings.)

Notably, other similar cases occur, e.g. in that the DV charges filed against husbands on a near automatic basis during a divorce lead to a criminal record (irrespective of both the truth and a later acquittal)—and that feminist propagandist later loudly proclaim that the courts are male-biased “because men with a criminal record of abuse are given custody over caring mothers” (or similar).