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Who is pro-/anti- what?

If we compare the views of men with those of feminists:

Men are almost unanimously pro-men, almost always pro-equality, and usually pro-woman—notwithstanding that many have grown to think less than highly about women in light of accumulated evidence: I, e.g., am unequivocally for equal rights, opportunities, (lack of) privileges, and responsibilities for women, but my enthusiasm for women, per se, tends to fluctuate.

Feminists are almost always anti-equality and anti-men, and, disturbingly, often anti-women.


How can they be anti-woman? Well, while they insist on superior rights for women, they also oppress women in other ways, deny essential qualities of womanhood, and similar. Consider e.g. that non-feminist women are sometimes described as too naive to understand that they are “oppressed” or that some extremists consider a woman even having sex with a man to be a “gender traitor”—not to mention the woman who, yikes, wants to stay home with her children, cook, and clean. How about that women are considered such children that they are not capable of meaningful consent to sexual intercourse in the way that any adult man is? (Or even male children, if feminist statements to some cases of older women illegally engaging fourteen y.o. boys are given credit.)

In many ways, feminists have a lower opinion of the typical woman than most men do, and they often try to force women into certain behaviours in a way that is far more restricting than if, e.g., husbands and wives were to come to mutual agreements about how to handle their lives.