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Interestingly, feminist have a very anti-male attitude, yet often seem to unconsciously see maleness as superiority. Consider, e.g.:

  1. They want to abolish traditional female roles and have women work in typical male jobs.

    This amounts to saying that traditional female roles, values, and priorities are inferior to the male ones.

    (Obviously, this is disguised with the traditional female values being something that men have forced upon women...)

  2. Men who oppose them are sometimes portrayed as not being able to get women, not being real men, having small genitalia, or similar. (Cf. a feminist-debate guidee.)

    In effect, “You are too much of a woman and too little man.” is used as an insult.


    Similarly, it appears that much of the femdomw phenomenon focuses on women treating men like women, and thereby denigrating them. Whether this has any direct or indirect connection with the opinions of feminists is unclear; however, it is noteworthy that the same incongruency occurs: A woman claims superiority over men while taking on certain male roles and having a “You are too much of a woman to be worthy.” attitude.

  3. At least famous feminists have had a disproportionate proportion of lesbians. While this could be viewed as “Women are better than men, so I date women instead.”, it could equally well be “I want to play the male part in a relationship.”.

Possibly, in a more metaphorical interpretation, Freud was not that far off with “penis-envy”: In many ways, when looking at political demands, feminism is reminiscent of someone trying to usurp the throne from the king (its perception of men) just for the sake of having the throne (rather than to affect change). In fact, if we replace Mordred with a daughter, Arthur could stand as good analogy for men, and Morgan for feminism (allowing the movie simplification of making her, instead of Morgause, Mordred’s mother). Or: Is Mordred better as a symbol for the foolish men who are used as a tool by feminism? It is notable that very many of the successes of feminism have been affected by convincing a sufficiently powerful man or group of men to become active on its behalf.