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Further reading

Good external sources of information include (other sources are given in the text):

http://www.freewebs.com/feminism-evaluated/e: A good one-page overview of some of the central issues with feminism.

http://equalbutdifferent.blogspot.com/2009/09/feminism-and-sex.htmle: A one page listing of highly revealing quotes from leading feminists.

http://www.mens-links.net/home.aspe: Extensive lists of links to articles on a variety of related or semi-related topics, including misandry, domestic violence, false rape-accusations, men’s health, ...

http://www.ifeminists.com/e: Another extensive source of articles and opinions on the topic. It also contains considerable materials pointing to more general problems in areas like political correctness, US pseudo-liberalism, and the diminishing rights of the individual.

http://www.angryharry.com/e: Angry Harry is, well, angry: He sometimes gets carried away, he sometimes is less than perfectly objective. Nevertheless, he provides one of the best sources of information on feminism and men’s issues around. A particular interesting page for complete new-comers to the topic is http://www.angryharry.com/esFeminismandNazism.htme.

http://malechauvinist.blogspot.com/e: The blog of a female male chauvinist—a woman who has a very low opinion of other women in general and feminists in particular (and who speaks her mind).

http://hereticalsex.blogspot.com/e: An excellently written blog on issues relating to feminism, men’s rights, and similar.

http://www.childrensjustice.org/justthefacts.htme: Some very sobering facts for those who see men as abusive, poor parents, or the like.

Most of these do not only contain a number of very interesting own analyzes, but also link to countless other sources of various kind and opinion—more or less any aspect of the topic should be available in the sum of “second generation” and “third generation” links. I stress that, while I personally agree with most of the current content behind the links, the expressed opinions do not always coincide with my own—in particular, these issues are highly complex, often scientifically poorly researched (including that much research is flawed by pre-formed opinions, e.g. the myth that men and women have essentially identical brains); conclusions will often depend on underlying values; a statement may be true in one country today, but not in the same country fifty years ago or another country today; etc.

Many of my own pages have related content, although rarely dealing with feminism directly, including most pages in this category (see navigation) and a number of discussions in other categories, e.g. on what sets humans apart from animals, porn and teenagers, misconceptions about equality, gender-neutral language and prejudice.

It is notable that many of these writings are based on observations I made on how women and men behave before I had seen any statistics on the subject, and before I dwelled into the feministic aspects of the issues. A splendid example is my discussion of aggression: When writing the first draft, I had no idea about the actual DV statistics (i.e. women are the main perpetrators), and even the original published version had much more cautious statements about DV (based on the corresponding Wikipedia article)—only later I have learned that the numbers are fully in favour of the article (and contrary to feminist propaganda and anti-male prejudice).